Menopause The Musical

It's the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change!® Set in a department store, four women with seemingly nothing in common but a black lace bra on sale, come to find they have more to share than ever imagined. The cast makes fun of their woeful hot flashes, forgetfulness, mood swings, wrinkles, night sweats and chocolate binges. A sisterhood is created between these diverse women as they realize that menopause is no longer The Silent Passage, but a stage in every woman’s life that is perfectly normal!

A huge shout out to Ken Greenblatt, Seth Greenleaf, and Kathi & Alan Glist for making my dreams come true! Mood Swing Wines is now the exclusive wine at Menopause the Musical in Las Vegas!!

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GFOUR Productions

GFour Productions & Management now comprises one of the fastest growing production and management companies in the theatrical community. From small regional theatres to Broadway and beyond, this dynamic company has been successful in every aspect of the entertainment landscape.

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Information coming soon!

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DK Web Design Chico, CA

DK Web Design

We work with businesses to improve their website presence. We want to ensure that it accurately portrays the quality of the product/service that they provide. We are engaged, professional, and genuinely have your best interest at heart. The goal of our business is to not only make you look great by having a stunning website but to also use the business as a platform in which to donate to non-profit organizations in the local community.

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Bean Counting Firm Chico, CA

Bean Counting Firm, Inc.

At Bean Counting Firm, we understand that accurate and concise accounting is important to you. With that goal in mind, we’re here to help you develop, implement and maintain an accounting system that reflects the successful business you’ve created. From that accounting, we are able to accurately report your Federal and State taxes, allowing you to focus on your business.

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Dr. Michelle Gordon

A wonderful woman and a dear friend, Dr. Michelle Gordon is the host and star of the show Life.Matters airing July 2, 2016 on the FYI Network!

Dr. Gordon is committed to making herself available to patients who need emergency surgery. To achieve this goal, she maintains a workload that allows her respond quickly to acute care needs. Dr. Gordon aims to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients who need emergency surgery using a combination of well-honed critical care skills and her ability to make smart, precise, and timely decisions.

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Rachel O'Rourke

Rachel O'Rourke

My name is Rachel O’Rourke, creator of this wonderful website “The Flawed Female”. We live in a world where we women are constantly striving for perfection…to have perfect bodies, to be perfect mothers, live perfect lives…blah, blah, blah. All for what? Because the media says that’s who we need to be? Because that’s who everyone else is pretending to be? Screw that noise.

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Lisa Tosi Photography

Lisa Tosi

Lisa has been photographing children, families maternity and newborn for over 16 years. Lisa's studio is located in a country setting just minutes from East Ave. and Cohasset. Lisa offers full session as well as Mini Quick Shoots and also offers pony rides during monthly Mini Quick Shoots. Mini Quick Shoots are a great way to capture a few images at a significant discount from normal studio pricing. 

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