Nancy Matthews

I'm Nancy Mathews and my Mom is Norleen Norby. At 76 years of age my mom went in for her annual mammogram. The next day the phone rang. Her doctor said there was something suspicious on her mammogram and wanted her to come in for a sonogram. The sonogram led to a needle biopsy which resulted in a breast cancer discovery.

My mom developed estrogen induced ductile carcinoma in her right breast. The surgeon recommended a double mastectomy to prevent the need for radiation and chemotherapy. My mom is the oldest of 8, she has four sisters and three brothers. Two of my moms sisters are breast cancer survivors and one is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer right now.

My mom also lost two of her brothers to cancer. One from melanoma and another from liver cancer. Cancer researchers have found a link between the BRCA Gene, Melanoma and breast cancer. My cousin Pam and I have given serious thought to following in Angelina Jole's foot steps. I've undergone an semiannual mammograms, a contrast MRI of both breasts and sonogram of both breast. Thankfully both breasts are clear. One of the main reasons I became a whole food plant based vegan is to help prevent my body from developing breast cancer and all cancers. My Mom is now 83 years old and continues to fight everyday. - Cheers to all who have survived and Prayers to all who lost their battle against this terrible disease!