We are Mood Swing Wines, and we have something to say about life!

Why not celebrate, laugh at, and even make fun of the challenges that menopause brings? Why not enjoy life together and drink wine together, enjoying the ride? Our goal was to create a series of wines and wine related products that highlight a woman in the midst of real life, struggling with a hot flash but taking it in stride. We think that should bring delight to a lot of women, and probably even a few men along the way! Wanna join the party?

While everyone else is dreading menopause and hot flashes, you don't have to. We believe that during this season of life, and every season, women should be celebrating and embracing who we are and what we have been given. Take it on the chin and keep enjoying life, especially wine. Why not celebrate, laugh at and make fun of the challenges menopause brings us? Menopause Shmenopause. So our thighs rub together, we sleep in the wet spot, we tweeze hair from our chin, we find reader glasses affixed to our head, we sit by a fan in the winter months, send sheets flying off the bed, get a little snippier at people, and forget someone's name... It's not all that bad right?

How did we start?

Along with a peer group of female friends close to her age, Mollie found herself irritated by the images put forth of women that would indicate that being skinny and dieting incessantly is the only way to enjoy life as a woman. Her philosophy is that you embrace who you are and what you’ve been given, and that living healthy is about loving life!

Over a series of wine drinking events with friends, Mollie and her “sisters” came to the decision that while everyone else is dreading menopause and hot flashes, they would go into it full speed ahead, take it on the chin, and keep enjoying life, especially wine! They also realized that they don’t really want anything to do with diet conscious alcohol... salt on the rim of a margarita is what makes the margarita! Even better would be sugar!

To put it simply as women in our 40s and 50s...

We are for:
• Enjoying life
• Embracing change, even menopause
• Drinking wine together
• Being “real” about life and our bodies
• Getting over ourselves

And, we are against:
• Living in dread of menopause
• Skinny Rita’s (diet conscious alcohol)
• The idea that menopause is the beginning of the end
• Being overly self-conscious
• Women who are self-absorbed