A Fabulously-Flawed Feature Female

by Rachel O'Rourke

I deeply admire women that take terrifying but exciting leaps into chasing their dreams.  I love to surround myself with these do-ers, risk takers, and change makers because they inspire me to follow in their footsteps in my own unique way.  I am blessed to know so many!  Today I want to recognize one of these women.  An entrepreneur, a dear friend, and a very fabulously flawed female – Mollie Openshaw.

A few years back Mollie shared an idea with me…a dream that she had to create her own line of wines.  Now girlfriends have these kind of talks all the time, right?  Sharing and dreaming about the glorious things that they wish they could accomplish…if only they had the time, money, or resources to do so.  This conversation started the same as many, but turned out quite differently.  Today Mood Swing Wines is growing at a rapid rate, giving to women so much more than a delicious glass of  “Covers Off Chardonnay” (though I must say it’s quite tasty!).  Mollie has created a movement that encourages women to celebrate menopause, to share their experiences, and that it’s OK to laugh at the “not so fabulous” things that women go through during this transition in life (tweezers anyone?)
Was building her own business easy?  Oh hell no.  Mollie and I have had many conversations about the seemingly never ending stream of obstacles.  She’s battled her way through financial difficulties, attempted law-suits, having to change the name of her company, slow sales, and self-doubt.  There were so many times when she could have justifiably given up and said “Ok, that’s enough!  I’m done!”.
But she didn’t.
Mood Swing wines has exploded into the novelty wine scene.  It’s been featured in magazines, in podcasts, and on television.  It is sold online, in stores, casinos, and at Menopause The Musical.   Mollie herself has had life-changing opportunities presented to her these last few years.  She’s been published in a book, launched a podcast, and she even spent two weeks in Spain filming the reality show “Life.Matters“, in which she and 6 other women trekked 400+ miles on bikes, discussing topics on life, sex, business, and of course…menopause.  She has cultivated new amazing relationships, traveled all over the country/world, and has seen her business grow in ways that she had only dreamed about months before.
Mollie has several qualities that I admire tremendously, three in particular that I believe have brought her to where she is today.  I share these with you in hopes that you can relate to her journey, be inspired by it, and apply it to your own.

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