Supporting Families Affected by Breast Cancer

I have watched too many of my close girlfriends and loved ones lose their lives to Breast Cancer.  Some are still fighting that very courageous fight.  At times I feel completely helpless:  I’m a good friend, a great listener, and I’m there for plenty of love and hugs, but I want to do more.  I want to honor these inspirational women and show them that what they are going through is more than courageous. 

The following tagline has been my personal mantra for some time:  “I choose to be unstoppable, I love the life I live, I'm passionate about my dreams and the dreams of others. I trust my intuition and I live a courageous life. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy."

Despite the obstacles we all face, we can choose to remain courageous.

MollieLove, Mollie of Mood Swing Wines

Mood Swing Wines is the EXCLUSIVE Wine at Menopause the Musical!

The Las Vegas cast at Harrah's celebrates with a bottle of Mood Swing Wines. Watch the videos below!

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  • Best wine. Fun owner. Great concept! Who doesn't want to sit on an ice cube drinking a glass of wine while having a hot flash???

    Michelle Gordon
  • why not have some wine and fun all at once. mood swing wines - it will cool you down :)

  • Outstanding!!! Zin-O-Pause is the first of my favorites ... Can't wait to try them all!!!


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